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Juan F. Garcia, Inc. is a non-union construction firm established San Juan, Puerto Rico since 1984 to perform electrical, mechanical, civil, plumbing, general remodeling and retro-fitting work and general leasehold improvements either as a subcontractor or as a prime contractor with a bonding capacity of $60MM.


We have a field working experience of over 30 years with clients like Eli Lilly, Merck LPO, Procter & Gamble, PREPA, Auxilio Mutuo Hospital, AFI, Pepsi Co, AT&T, Amgen, Bristol Myers, PRASA and many more in the public and private industries sector, making our company leader in the construction industry in Puerto Rico.




Our commitment is to our customers , keeping their priorities as ours.

That way keep our company as one of quality works and with a high level in safety that has kept us as leaders in the market for over 30 years.




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